Newsletter 5

25 April 2018
Newsletter No. 5

Welcome back to Term Two!
It is both a privilege and honour for me to write this first communiqué to you as the Principal of Holy Family College. My payer as a school community, is to continue in building on the foundations of the legacy of the Holy Family Sisters and taking our school to new heights. Although we are only three weeks into term, we have hit the ground running. Personally, I consider myself a learning leader. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful support I have received from the teaching staff, the administrative staff and the pupils of the school. In the past few weeks I have been settling down to the school routine, getting to know my staff, learn our children’s names and working closely with the support staff. I am a past parent of Holy Family College and truly I feel like I am home away from home. I am so proud of our pupils and impressed with the manners of our children, the efficiency of the staff and the beautiful clean grounds of our school. I look forward to meeting all parents in the near future at sporting events or functions held at our school.

At my first whole school assembly I challenged the pupils to MAKE THEIR BEDS. An army General once said, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter. If you can’t do the little things right, you’ll never be able to do the big things right. If, by chance, you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that is made. That you made. And a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.” Our children need to be challenged and it starts with the small daily chores.

As I have already said to my staff and pupils, we are all accountable to be the very best that God has designed us to be because “God Demands Excellence” and we need every member of our family school community to strive for excellence. Let’s approach each and every day and its challenges with passion and enthusiasm, in our academics, sport, cultural and spiritual life. Life is all about being a servant leader and choices. We can choose to be satisfied with mediocrity or we can strive for excellence. We can choose to find excuses for our inadequacies or we can be proactive in our approach and search for solutions to the challenges we face. We can choose to do the right moral and value driven thing or the wrong thing. We can choose to be a spectator or a player. We can choose to be a builder or a destroyer of relationships. We can choose each day to either attack the day with positivity or negativity. We can choose to take accountability for our actions or failures or to blame others. We can choose to take pride in our association with Holy Family College or to see it as just another school. And many more choices…….

Quid Retribuam? (What shall I Render?) Never give up, even when it is difficult, let us keep on striving for excellence.

The School has had a busy start with the following having taken place:

On 19 April, the schools opening Mass was celebrated by Father Alan Hendricks and emphasised the message that we must make the right choices as the choices we make determines the outcome and never to give up. The school sang beautifully and ensured our visiting Pauline Sisters enjoyed a memorable celebration. Thank you to Mrs Stephenson, Mrs Ralph, Mrs Van der Merwe, Ms Meyer and all who helped to make our opening Term 2 mass a blessed occasion.


•Pupils enjoyed a fun-filled morning with the Hooked on Books show. We encourage all our pupils’ to become avid readers and to Read! Read! Read! This is the foundation of all learning.
•The Junior Primary School Parent / Teacher interviews have been taking place from 13H30 to 15H00 each day from 19-25 April.
•The Grade 6 and 7 orientation evening was highly successful and enjoyed by all. Starting with a scavenger hunt, a team competition cook-off and ending with a tour of the High School with the parents and the pupils’. A BIG thank you to all who assisted in making this a very successful evening.
•Grade 7 Parents are urged to apply timeously for a placing in Grade 8, 2019


•Reports were handed out on Saturday 21 April, at a Parent /Teacher interview. There were some impressive results obtained and for others a lot of hard work ahead.
•Reports not collected must be collected at reception.
•The EMS pupils from the primary school Grade 7 and High School Grade 8 and 9, are busy developing their entrepreneurial skills as they prepare their products that will be sold on the FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT UNDER THE STARS on the 4th May @ HFC arrival 5pm. The 1st movie starts at 5:30pm.


On Tuesday, 24th April, our Grade 10 learners won their debate – against Northlands. Well done, Holy Family College! And thank you to Ms Naidoo, who trains our pupils and provides the opportunity for them to participate in the Debating League.

•May I take the opportunity to thank all parents for their support of the school in this regard, and remind you that school fees are payable on the 1st of every month. Please use your child’s name and surname as the reference when making an EFT or cash deposit.
•Parents are encouraged to use EFT banking as an option. We also have a speed point facility at the Bursars office for your convenience.

•All families are encouraged to load the d6 Communicator as this is the most cost- effective and efficient way of communicating with families, especially in the case of an emergency such as needing to close school early because of local strikes or protests etc.

•Parents/Private transport please be considerate and ensure that the parking bays are used to facilitate the flow of traffic in the mornings and afternoons.

•Engagement : Ms Gouden – CAT teacher
(i) Ms Govender – undergraduate Degree Foundation Phase
(ii) Ms James – Honours Degree
(iii) Ms Wilson – undergraduate Degree Foundation Phase – Cum Laude
(iv) Ms Khumbula – PGCE – Specialisation in Creative Arts


Our Thrift Shop is open and parents and children can purchase second-hand items of our school uniform at a very reasonable cost. Miss Meyer is on duty in the Thrift Shop from 7H00 – 8H00 every Thursday morning, for parents to pop in to make a quick purchase while dropping their children at school. We also have new barrel school bags for sale at R100.00 a bag while stocks last. The price list of school uniform items will be available at our reception office.


Our Sports’ Department have been busy and I thank Coach Musa and Coach D for all they do to provide our children with opportunities for sport. Congratulations to all our children who represent our school in a team. Well done!
• Tuesday, 17 April, our U11 Netball Girls played against Embury and won 6-2
• Tuesday, 17 April, our U13 Netball Girls played against Embury and won 8-6
• Friday, 20 April, our U15 Soccer team played against Brettonwood and lost 8-1
• Friday, 20 April, our Open Soccer team played against Brettonwood and lost 3-1
• Monday, 23 April, our U15 Soccer team played against St Benedict School and lost 4-3
• Monday, 23 April, our Open Soccer team played against St Benedict School and won 3-1
• Tuesday, 24 April, our U11A Netball team played against Eden College and won 11-2
• Tuesday, 24 April, our U13A+B Netball team played against Eden College and won 2-4
• Wednesday, 25 April, our U11 Soccer team played against Eden College and drew 2 All
• Wednesday, 25 April, our U13 Soccer team played against Eden College and won 5-0

11. PTA
•The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) are hosting a MOVIE NIGHT UNDER THE STARS on the 4th May. This is going to be a fun filled evening for the ENTIRE FAMILY. Tickets are now available for the entrance fee; lots of food and drinks will be sold. The GRADE 7 – 9 pupils’ Market Evening will take place at the same time with lots of items to sell and family fun activities. Please come support and enjoy this whole school family evening.



Reminder the school will be closed from 27th – 2nd May.

I wish each member of our school family a blessed long weekend ahead as we celebrate Freedom Day on the 27th April and Workers Day on the 1st May. School is closed on Monday 30thApril 2018.

God Bless

Ursula Collings