Chaplain’s Desk

Chaplain’s Desk

Through Our Chaplain’s Eyes

Holy Family College is unique in many ways and the most outstanding aspect of this is the way in which I see the growing movement of its spiritual ethos, which is based on Christ Jesus, and is experienced through the personal relationship of the venerable Father Bienevue coming to us through the institution of the Holy Family Sisters, which he founded and who in turn, established our college.

This beautiful, all-embracing spirituality permeates every aspect of life at the college whether on the sports field or in the classroom, and enters into the subject matter. We all imbibe it and this is the root of our being; such a truly family-orientated place of education, rather than a mere venue for learning.

At Holy Family College, we offer and in turn are recipients of, a holistic experience of education, that is: spirituality, academic, emotional and physical through exposure to God, classroom activities, religious education, life orientation and sport – all come together to form a whole.

May God bless you all

Father Ngubane