In a blossoming democracy built on an ever evolving concept of ‘freedom’- debate has proven to be key in navigating society. At Holy Family College we have ensured that the platforms necessary to nurture critical learners and citizens have been provided.

Debating is a much loved and encouraged extracurricular activity at Holy Family College. Not only does debating cultivate a critical spirit within our learners- but it teaches them indispensable researching, processing and synthesis skills whilst developing their oratory ability. Our debaters engage with pertinent topics such as civil disobedience and the election of constitutional court justices.

Holy Family College proudly fields multiple junior and senior teams in the Durban Coastal Debating League which is an inter-school tournament that progresses onto provincial and then South African championships. We also host our own internal debating league where novices can build their confidence and learn the skills necessary to participate competitively.

We believe that every learner’s voice has value and that their ideas should be fostered and explored. Our debating activities enable learners to do this whilst critically engaging with the opinions of others- broadening mind-sets and horizons.