High School

High School (Grades 8-12)

Holy Family College is unique, in that we offer religious education as a compulsory subject in our curriculum. The college has an excellent academic record. We have been in existence since 1875, with a proven track record at matric level. We follow the prescribed National Curriculum of the Department of Basic Education, culminating in the National Senior Certificate examination in Grade 12.

Our medium of instruction is English which is studied by all learners as a Home Language. A choice between Afrikaans, isiZulu and French as First Additional Languages is offered from Grade 8 onwards. In addition, we offer a wide variety of subjects from which they can choose their electives.

Assessments are carried out on both a formal and informal basis.  Any academic concerns are addressed as soon as possible to ensure meaningful improvement and progress. The importance of providing the learners with a high academic standard is endorsed by the staff who provide where necessary, free extra lessons, in the various subjects during the time period immediately after school closing time. In addition, when necessary, free extra lessons are offered in all subjects on weekends and in the holidays.  However, the teacher’s focus is on providing a happy and productive learning environment.

The College is divided into the GET (Grade 8 & 9) and FET (Grade 10 to 12) phases.

School times:

Grade 8 – 12               07h30 – 14h45 (Mon to Thur), 07h30 – 13h45 (Fri)