Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Holy Family College is an Independent, co-educational Catholic school, centered on Jesus Christ.
Setting high educational and moral standards, we aim to develop confident leaders who render service to humanity and strive for personal excellence.


Holy Family College embodies a distinct ethos. Our ethos is grounded in the vision of our founder Father Pierre Bienvenu Noailles. He believed that we need to live in a world as a family, with God as father/mother. Holy Family College therefore strives to create and live this vision in the following way:

  • The search for excellence. We are called to utilize our talents to the fullest.
  • The uniqueness of the individual. We are created in the image of God. All learners are respected as individuals and to fulfill their role in the world.
  • The education of the whole person. At Holy Family College, we prepare our learners for life by educating and growing our learners in all areas: academics, spirituality, pastoral work and prayer and worship.
  • The education of all ensures that the physically and emotionally disadvantaged are also embraced to grow in this rich environment.
  • Moral principles. We offer our learners via religious education and in the general life of the school, the opportunity to grow and nurture their values and morality based on Gospel values.


To make Holy Family College a school that equips every learner in such a way, that he or she is able to take up a meaningful place in society as a confident, competent and committed individual.

The Future

While the school sees its primary function as being one of equipping the learner for the present, the future is regarded as being most important as well. As a school, it is our intention to be progressive in our thinking yet at the same time realistic and conservative enough to know that we live in the now, and how we deal with the now, in many ways, determines where we will be tomorrow.