Newsletter 4

27 March 2018

Newsletter No. 4

Dear Parents and Guardians
It is with a sense of sadness that I end my term as Acting Principal of Holy Family College. I have so enjoyed interacting with both staff and pupils and have been impressed by the manners and behaviour of the children, the commitment to the good of each pupil and the school on the part of the teachers, the pride with which the support staff ensure the safety, maintenance and cleanliness of our buildings and grounds, and the general air of happiness and purpose within the school. The spirit of our Founder and Holy Family Sisters lives on in the Ethos and atmosphere of Holy Family College and this spirit is experienced by visitors, staff and pupils alike.
On 15 March, we celebrated Holy Family College’s 143rd birthday. HFC is the second oldest school in Durban and has a proud tradition of educating the child spiritually, intellectually, morally, emotionally and physically. Cardinal Wilfrid Napier OFM celebrated our school’s birthday Mass and emphasised the message that God is not finished with any one of us yet! The school sang beautifully, behaved impeccably and ensured that the visitors enjoyed a memorable celebration. Thank you to Mrs Stephenson, Mrs Ralph, Mrs Van der Merwe, Ms Meyer and all who helped to make our birthday celebration a happy occasion.
We say goodbye to Ms Hayden and thank her for all that she has done for our Grade 7’s in the short time as their class teacher. Ms Hayden is taking up the position of Drama Teacher at another Primary School and we wish every success as she follows her dreams.
We also wish our children who are transferring to another Province all the best as they settle into their new schools.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents for their support of the school and, in particular, those who fulfil their financial obligations to the school in a timeous fashion. Parents are reminded that fees are due on the 1st of every month, and by the 1st April four months’ fees should have been paid.
Durban enjoys a hot and humid sub-tropical climate and taking into account the heat in which the children travel and work each day, the members of the Management Team of the school have made a decision that it is only compulsory for blazers to be worn to and from school and at assemblies and public functions from the first Monday in May to the end of the Third Term. Should we find that the children are abusing this privilege in any way, and that their uniform is worn more casually or untidily, this concession will be withdrawn.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, our closing assembly will take place in our school hall from 10H30 – 11H15. The successes of this past term will be celebrated and awards handed out in recognition of various achievements. Parents are welcome to attend this celebration of our children.
The Primary School children will be dismissed at 11H30.
The High School pupils will be dismissed at 11H45.
There will be NO HOMEWORK CLUB on break-up day.
Primary School Parents are asked to collect their child’s report from the class teacher by 12 noon on Wednesday 28 March. After 12 noon reports will be available from the reception office of the main office block. This office closes at 15H45 on Wednesday 28 March.
The Junior Primary School Parent/Teacher interviews take place from 13H30 to 15H00 each day from 16-20 April and the Senior Primary Parent/Teacher interviews from 14H00 each day from 16-20 April.
Parents are asked to collect their son/daughter’s report at the Parent/Teacher interviews between 9H00 and 12H00 on Saturday 21 April.
I would like to encourage each family to load the d6 Communicator as this is the most cost-effective and efficient way of communicating with families, especially in the case of an emergency such as needing to close the school early because of local strikes or protests etc.
A number of books have been purchased or donated recently and we are looking for Moms or Grandparents who can offer a morning or afternoon every so often to help with the covering and labelling of library books. If you are able to volunteer to assist our school in this way, please phone the school and leave your name and contact number with Mrs Chowles in Reception, or email
10. TERM 2
School begins again on Tuesday 10 April with a normal school day and Week 1 for the High School.
In conclusion I would like to thank the Management and Teachers, The Admin Staff and Mr Randelhoff and the Support Staff, for their support and cooperation during the course of this last term. Thank you, too, to the Parents who have joined the Parent/Teachers Association, for their enthusiastic plans for social and fundraising events. The Pupils have been most welcoming this term and I thank them for their loyalty to HFC. Lastly, a big thank you to the members of the Board of Governors, for the time and energy they give so willingly for the good of our school. So many of our school family answer with willing service the question asked by our School Song, Quid Retribuam? (What Shall I Render?).
I wish each member of our school family a happy and blessed Easter season.
God Bless
With kind regards

Pauline Rosseau
Acting Principal