Primary School (About)

Primary School (Grades 1-7)

Holy Family College Primary School is a vibrant and joyful school community where we equip children to develop the means to become well rounded team-oriented members in their classrooms, school community and in the greater social community. Our school is committed to developing each child to their full potential in the spirit of good Christian values. Our vision in the primary school is growing children to be confident family members in their homes, school and in the greater community.

  • We strive to build independent learners who take responsibility for their learning and growth.
  • We work together to build confidence and self-esteem in all our learners.
  • We celebrate our learner’s achievements by the use of a variety of rewards and awards.
  • We strive to create lifelong confident learners in a loving, supportive, nurturing and responsive environment.
  • We provide opportunities for our learners to serve the greater community in many outreach programmes.
  • We strive to develop an environment where honesty and a deep respect for each other is nurtured.
  • We create an environment where bullying is viewed as unacceptable.
  • We strive to create strong family bonds within families and our school community.
  • We provide professionally run extramural sport and cultural programmes, which will enable our learners to participate in and excel, under the guidance of dedicated staff/coaches.
  • We sow these seeds and know that they will be reaped later in many parts of the world.

School times:

Grade 1 – 3                 07h30 – 13h05 (Mon to Thur), 07h30 – 12h30 (Fri)

Grade 4 – 7                 07h30 – 14h00 (Mon to Thur), 07h30 – 13h30 (Fri)

Punctual arrival at school is essential.