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Quid Retribuam is not just a Latin phrase; it is a guiding principle that encapsulates our purpose here at Holy Family College. Translating to “What shall I render?” this motto lies at the heart of everything we do, shaping the very essence of our educational journey. We are thrilled to have you join our community where this philosophy thrives.

At Holy Family College, we hold a strong belief that we are nurturing more than just students; we are fostering confident leaders of tomorrow. Central to this mission is instilling the value of giving back – to one another and to society as a whole. We are dedicated to preparing our learners to not only embrace the opportunities that the world presents but also to contribute positively to them. This ethos, coupled with a steadfast foundation in moral principles, equips them to navigate any challenge that comes their way.

Nestled on top of the Ridge in the verdant suburb of Glenmore, overlooking the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Holy Family College is more than just a school; it’s a vantage point to the future. With convenient access and a bus route at our doorstep, we offer more than just an education – we provide an experience. Our picturesque campus offers panoramic views of the Durban Harbour and the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, offering a daily reminder of the horizons awaiting our students.

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Our commitment extends beyond academia; we take immense pride in nurturing well-rounded individuals. A holistic approach ensures our students are not only academically proficient but also spiritually centered, emotionally resilient, and physically active. Rooted in the Catholic tradition, we anchor our learners in a values-driven ethos, equipping them with the tools to embrace their unique identities and celebrate the diversity in others.

Our faculty Leaders are more than educators; they are passionate facilitators of growth. With a dedication to individualized learning, we recognize that every child has their own rhythm of progress. Our teachers are dedicated to guiding each student on their personal journey, fostering an environment where they can flourish at their own pace.

As you step into our Holy Family College community, you’re not just entering a school – you’re becoming a part of a family. A family driven by shared values, a commitment to excellence, and a shared aspiration to make a positive impact. Together, we’ll explore, learn, and grow, guided by the question, “What shall I render?”

Head of School’s Welcome

Since 1875, Holy Family College has shaped and inspired young women, and as we continue the legacy of the Holy Family Sisters, I am humbled by the opportunity to serve and play a leading role in shaping each child holistically, so that they become confident, productive, and prosperous individuals, who will contribute positively as global citizens, impacting on the lives of others.

Our school has provided an exceptional education to many wonderful girls and boys over the past 148 years. We continue to strive to ensure best practices in classroom instruction and innovative and creative ways of ensuring our children’s overall preparation for life. We have a supportive environment where children are encouraged to explore their potential and achieve their personal best in all aspects of school life.

The ethos of our school enables all our children to receive an education that is rooted in faith and the anchor to which they can turn. At Holy Family College we are committed to nurturing the spiritual growth of each child in order that they always have faith and spirituality to guide their lives.

As a family-orientated school, I feel honoured and proud to serve as principal of Holy Family College, where our children are being cared for spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically, as they prepare for the complex challenges of being successful adults in our modern world.

I extend a warm welcome and an open invitation for you to visit us at any time and I look forward to meeting you, as Holy Family College prepares for our “LEGACY 150 YEAR CELEBRATION”.

God bless

Mrs Collings

Our Values

Holy Family College is an Independent, co-educational Catholic Primary and High School, centred on Jesus Christ. Setting high educational and moral standards, we aim to develop confident leaders who render service to humanity and strive for personal excellence.

Holy Family College embodies a distinct ethos. Our ethos is grounded in the vision of our founder Father Pierre Bienvenu Noailles. He believed that we need to live in a world as a family, with God as father/mother. Holy Family College therefore strives to create and live this vision in the following way:

  • The search for excellence. We are called to utilize our talents to the fullest.
  • The uniqueness of the individual. We are created in the image of God. All learners are respected as individuals to fulfil their role in the world.
  • The education of the whole person. At Holy Family College, we prepare our learners for life by educating and growing our learners in all areas: academics, spirituality, pastoral work and prayer and worship.
  • The education of all ensures that the physically and emotionally disadvantaged are also embraced to grow in this rich environment.
  • Moral principles. We offer our learners via religious education and in the general life of the school, the opportunity to grow and nurture their values and morality based on Gospel values.

Holy Family College Catholic School is centred on the person of Jesus Christ.  As a nurturing family community, we strive to live out our faith.

To make Holy Family College a school that equips every learner in such a way, that he or she is able to take up a meaningful place in society as a confident, competent and committed individual.

While the school sees its primary function as being one of equipping the learner for the present, the future is regarded as being most important as well. As a school, it is our intention to be progressive in our thinking yet at the same time realistic and conservative enough to know that we live in the now, and how we deal with the now, in many ways, determines where we will be tomorrow.

Governance – The Holy Family School’s Trust

At Holy Family College, our commitment to excellence in education is not only upheld by our dedicated Educators and enthusiastic learners but also by the steadfast guidance of the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors plays an integral role in ensuring the school’s smooth operation and unwavering commitment to its mission.

The Board of Governors is the bedrock upon which Holy Family College’s policies and efficient functioning are established and nurturing its vibrant community is upheld.

The Board of Governors comprises a maximum of 12 elected and co-opted members, each with a unique portfolio aligned with their skills and abilities. The Principal, a vital member of the team, also holds a place on the board, further strengthening the bridge between governance and administration.

Central to the Board of Governors role is the Chairman, who presides over the Board of Governors, empowering it with full executive authority. This leadership ensures that decisions made are in the best interest of the school and its learners. While the board takes on matters of overarching significance, the Principal focuses on the daily administration of the school and the academic progress of our learners, ensuring an environment conducive to learning and growth.

In summary, the Board of Governors stands as a testament to our dedication to providing an exceptional education rooted in values and excellence. We invite you to become an active participant in this journey, as we work together to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for joining us in the pursuit of educational distinction and community unity.

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