“Every Friday during Lent Matric learners do the Stations of the Cross with a selected Grade in our school. They have planned a deep, thought-provoking response to each Way of the Cross that Jesus faced on His journey to Golgotha (the place of the skull).
Learners are invited to interact with each station. For example, in Station 2, to contemplate the cross by writing their own worries and the problems that they face as Jesus picked up His cross. When Jesus falls under the weight of the cross, learners pick up stones and think of how our precious Lord fell three times. They meditate on how those stones cause pain and destruction. Another action is offered in this journey by being like Simon and Veronica. Writing their pledge of service on an image of open hands. Our motto, Quid Retribuam. What can we give to our Lord?
The journey ends in the Chapel, where a final group of Matrics lay the body of Christ in the tomb. And we glorify this love and perfect obedience to the will of the Father. We leave the Chapel in anticipation of the Resurrection and hope for the world.” Religious Education teacher, Mrs Stephenson