Holy Family College Durban Grade 2 learners had fun making their own slippers after reading a story titled “Four Feet, Two Sandals” about two girls who shared a pair of slippers.  Learners enjoyed an outdoor lessons on action words, verbs and the properties of 2D shapes followed by a scavenger shape hunt with class teacher, Sister Nondumiso .

The topic for their outdoor Religious Education lesson was “Our Daily Bread”. Learners went through the meaning of each line of The Lord’s Prayer. “We discussed that God gives us everything we need in our lives. He is our daily bread” said Religious Education  teacher, Mrs Gounden.  Learners enthusiastically sang The Lord’s Prayer with actions.

They learnt about klere (clothing) with Miss Aboobaker in Afrikaans, drawing their clothing in chalk, followed by actions to Afrikaans poem “Die Kinders op die Bus”.