In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day our Grade 7 learners visited the Denis Hurley Centre today, Thursday 17 February 2022. Learners were allocated tasks and given the opportunity to serve in line with our school motto “Quid Retribuam” which means “What shall I render?” This is the essence of what we instill in our learners. At Holy Family College, we believe we are growing confident leaders, and an essential part of this is teaching our learners to give back to each other and to society as a whole. Our learners are not just academically prepared, but also spiritually, emotionally and physically. #HFC #HolyFamilyCollege #IndependentSchool #CoEdSchool #CatholicSchool #ReligiousSchool #SchoolLife #SchoolsDurban #DenisHurleyCentre #ActsofKindnessDay2022 | (031)205-5083