J.D.L School of Dance is not just a dance school but a dance family! Dance is the hidden language of the soul and we thrive to give our dancers the best version of ourselves! We offer ballet and modern dance class at Holy Family College Every Thursday afternoon.

What is ballet and modern dance you may wonder?

Ballet is a beautiful and very disciplined form of dance. It is the dance genre that grounds you for every other dance genre. Ballet teaches you to maintain a good balance of hard work, techniques, and passion for the dance form.

Modern is a dance genre that allows you to be yourself and just feel the music while also being structured. It really allows you to be free and find your inner soul while still showing you discipline, technique, and foundation for dance.

All ages are welcome from Grade R to 12! Registration forms are available at the front office or click on the link to register your child! https://surveyheart.com/form/61deb1f028821d18acb47f81. Alternatively, you may also contact dance teacher Jenna on 0794345105 or email j.d.lschoolofdance@gmail.com for more info. Let’s spread the love of dance as it is a beautiful and expressive art form!