3rd Term Karate Prize Giving

K.F.Y. Club Goju Karate: "Well done to Karatekas who passed their gradings in Term 3. Parents support and persistence always helps bring out the best in their children. Winners don't quit and quitters don't win." Members of JAPANESE KARATE FEDERATION & GOJU RYU - USAKarate develops caring, balance, confidence and [...]

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HFC Music Academy’s Debbie Mari

Enquire about our Music Academy TODAY and learn to play a wide variety of musical.  Sign up on our Google Forms registration page for your convenience using this link https://tinyurl.com/ukusaHFCterm3. Once proof of payment has been received, our Music teachers will contact you directly and your child may join the [...]

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Karate at HFC

"HFC karatekas rock! Hardworking kids, supportive school, awesome parents have made this possible. Our karatekas have learnt many different things: exercise, good eating habits, punches, blocks, kicks, movement. They are becoming more focused and confident. Students will continue to train in term 3 before their very first grading (test). Looking [...]

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Primary School Dancing Kids

Our lovely Primary School Dancing Kids #HFC #HolyFamilyCollege #IndependentSchool #CoEdSchool #CatholicSchool #ReligiousSchool #GradeR #PrimarySchool #DancingKids #TheBalletLadyFor more info contact Jenna on 079 434 5105 or request a form from Reception.

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K.F.Y. Club Goju Karate at HFC

  CARING - BALANCE - CONFIDENCE - FOCUS Members of JAPANESE KARATE FEDERATION & GOJU RYU - USA Instructors: TIMMY SINGH (6th Dan Black Belt, BA Hons. Psychology + 45 years experience) & SCOTT DUBOCK (5th Dan Black Belt + 30 years experience) WHITE - YELLOW: R850.00 per term + [...]

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Extra-murals ARE BACK!!!

On the sports field at Holy Family College Durban. Extra-murals ARE BACK!!! Bootcamp, Cross Country, Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Golf and more .... For more info on 2022 Admissions contact admissions@holyfamilycollege.co.za (031)205-5083

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