HFC Olympic Games 2021

Holy Family College Primary School learners and teachers enjoyed the Olympic Games featuring events such as the sack race, egg and spoon race, a scooter race, relays and much more.  Each Grade represented a different Country.  What a beautiful day for outdoor activities.  

HFC Olympic Games 20212021-08-21T23:34:17+02:00

Karate at HFC

"HFC karatekas rock! Hardworking kids, supportive school, awesome parents have made this possible. Our karatekas have learnt many different things: exercise, good eating habits, punches, blocks, kicks, movement. They are becoming more focused and confident. Students will continue to train in term 3 before their very first grading (test). Looking [...]

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Primary School Term 2 Prizegiving

Holy Family College Durban Primary School held their Term 2 Prize Giving on Thursday, 24 June. Learners received awards for academics, sport and art and culture. #HFC #HolyFamilyCollege #IndependentSchool #CoEdSchool #CatholicSchool #ReligiousSchool #SchoolLife #SchoolsDurban #GradeR #PrimarySchool #PrizeGiving #Covid19 #Lockdown2021 #WearYourMask #SafetyFirst | (031)205-5083

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K.F.Y. Club Goju Karate at HFC

  CARING - BALANCE - CONFIDENCE - FOCUS Members of JAPANESE KARATE FEDERATION & GOJU RYU - USA Instructors: TIMMY SINGH (6th Dan Black Belt, BA Hons. Psychology + 45 years experience) & SCOTT DUBOCK (5th Dan Black Belt + 30 years experience) WHITE - YELLOW: R850.00 per term + [...]

K.F.Y. Club Goju Karate at HFC2021-05-03T11:49:48+02:00

Extra-murals ARE BACK!!!

On the sports field at Holy Family College Durban. Extra-murals ARE BACK!!! Bootcamp, Cross Country, Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Golf and more .... For more info on 2022 Admissions contact (031)205-5083

Extra-murals ARE BACK!!!2021-05-03T10:44:36+02:00

HFC learner takes part in Kwa-Zulu Natal Athletics Championships

During the Easter Holidays Holy Family College Grade 11 learner, Ethan Firmin, took part in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Athletics Championships. Ethan recently made the decision to give up Club football and pursue Athletics. Due to COVID Ethan was only able to begin training with his team in October 2020. Ethan [...]

HFC learner takes part in Kwa-Zulu Natal Athletics Championships2021-05-03T10:30:16+02:00
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